Kick out ALL EU criminals 

The government has said that those from the EU will be welcome to stay in the UK once Britain leaves, except for serious criminals. 

Sorry, but this does not go far enough. What is deemed to be a serious offence? Murder? Yes of course. Rape? Yes. Violent acts? Certainly.

But what about those who have committed burglaries and theft? What about persistent petty offenders? Are they to be rewarded with residency?

The rule should be, if you have come to the UK and committed a crime, any crime, then you are not welcome. We’ve got enough home grown villains. We don’t need any more, thank you. 

A year ago today…

We were all off to vote on our membership of the European Union, and thankfully we made the decision to get out. 

Sadly, it took nine months to tell the EU, and in that time there’s been a serious amount of opposition to us leaving. Even now there’s still a risk that Brexit might not happen. David Cameron, the then PM, lost his nerve and resigned. His replacement, Theresa May dithered. 

But anyway, happy independence day to all!

The beginning of the end 

The British government and the EU have finally commenced Brexit talks today in Brussels, each side having firm red lines. It is the beginning of the end of our EU membership. 

Our red lines should include: no extortionate exit payments, out of the single market and customs union, full control of our territorial waters up to the maximum allowed, the deportation of any EU citizen that has committed crimes while in the UK, taking Gibraltar off the table, and no jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice on British affairs. 

It’s going to be tough, but I think David Davis will do fine. No backsliding, David. 

Corbyn’s mates 

I’ve been reading on Twitter that apparently, young people have no idea who the IRA is, and in their ignorance, have no idea of their terror campaigns. 

They believe that Sinn Fein is a respectable political party who campaign for a united Ireland. What they don’t realise is that Sinn Fein is the political wing of the IRA, the terrorist group that bombed innocent people such as those at Enniskillen in 1987 and many other places, and forced the IRA/Sinn Fein into peace talks. 

These are the same people that the hero of the left, Jeremy Corbyn, hangs around with. He’s a known sympathiser of their cause. 

And these silly young people wanted this man to be prime minister of our country? These young lefties have no idea and have been swayed by the freebies that Corbyn offered in return for their support. 


Theresa May gets it wrong again!

Theresa May really doesn’t know when to stop digging when she’s in a hole. After her two chiefs of staff, Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill resign in disgrace, she then appoints someone who has never had a proper job, has spent most of his life working for the Tories, and is a rabid remainiac. Meet Gavin Barwell. 

Barwell, who lost his seat in Croydon Central on Thursday, has been appointed May’s advisor, and she believes him to be the man to turn her political fortunes around. Wrong. As the country tries to steer its way out of the EU, why appoint a remainiac? Insanity. 

But then, Theresa May isn’t known for wise decisions, as she proved by calling an election she didn’t need to, and approving a manifesto that punished both young and old in Britain. 

The sooner she resigns, the better. The Tories need real Tories in charge, and people who believe in Brexit, not two failed politicians like May and Barwell. 

The army now on the streets 

After the mass murder of innocents at a pop concert in Manchester, the army has now been deployed on the streets as the threat of another terrorist attack is deemed imminent. 

Is it any wonder terrorists are roaming our streets and infesting our society when the government has welcomed back hundreds of trained killers from Syria? What about those who routinely fly to places like Pakistan and Libya? What does the government think they’re going there for? These are terrorist hotspots. 

My anger is also aimed at those who keep telling us “refugees welcome”. People like Lib Dem leader Tim Farron, who wants to welcome tens of thousands from North Africa. Strangely, little Timmy has been quiet since the murders. 

Britain has to put up the barriers. We must not listen to the bleeding heart liberal do-gooders. We must increase security spending instead of sending billions in foreign aid. We must stop getting involved in wars of conquest. We must close down radical mosques. And we must deport failed asylum seekers immediately. 

If we fail to take serious action, Britain will turn into a war zone, then the whole army, what’s left of it, will be on the streets. 

An immigration idea for the Tories 

Here’s a little idea the Tories may wish to use in the forthcoming general election. The Green Party, co-led by Brighton MP Caroline Lucas, wants to open the doors to allow more immigrants into Britain. Would it not be a good idea to move the immigration centre from Croydon to Brighton, and let her deal with it? The people of Brighton should be ok with it. After all, they’re the ones voting for her and her ideas. 

Then there’s Tim Farron and his idea of bringing 50,000 refugees from Syria to Britain. How about putting every person who is granted refugee status into Farron’s constituency of Westmorland and Lonsdale? Again, voters there are the ones supporting him and his ideas. 

Lucas and Farron can have no cause for complaint. They support mass immigration and should therefore take responsibility. Their constituents should have no cause for complaint either. They’re electing these people knowing full well what they stand for. 

Let’s see how keen these two idiots are when they have to take responsibility for their ideas. 

What’s Labour’s plans for the Brexit windfall?

I asked Labour MP Mike Gapes what his party’s plans were for the £11bn windfall that Britain will get once we leave the EU and this is his reply:

I don’t see this as a sensible reply to a reasonable question. It seems odd to me that Labour and the Lib Dems have no plans for what to do with the extra money, which begs the question: do either of these parties have any intention of respecting the referendum result and have therefore decided not to include this money in their calculations? Or are they willing to keep paying into Brussels in the hope that one day Britain will rejoin and the path to renewed membership will be smooth?

For some bizarre reason they fail to acknowledge that Britain will save a fortune by leaving the EU and don’t seem keen to spend this money in manifesto commitments. They constantly bang on about the NHS and education being underfunded. Here are two areas that can benefit, yet they won’t talk about using the money. 

A bit sinister wouldn’t you agree?