Tories off the hook 

The Crown Prosecution Service has cleared a group of Conservative MPs over abuse of expenses in the 2015 general election, but one case remains under consideration: Thanet South, which happens to be the seat that Nigel Farage was contesting. 

There’s something not quite right about this. Wonder if Nige will pursue this further…

Theresa at Ten 

Theresa May has been installed at number ten after a trip to Buck House and a cup of tea with the Queen. She returned to Downing Street and gave a short speech promising all the usual things new PM’s do. 

She wasn’t my choice, primarily because of her failings as home secretary, and because she supported staying in the EU. 

Let’s see how she does. She now has to deliver full Brexit not a watered-down version. This will be the biggest test she faces in the first year. If she doesn’t deliver, then Tory votes will shift to UKIP. 

17.4 million people will be watching her actions very closely. 

Deluded Cameron 

Prime Minister David Cameron was asked in parliament by UKIP MP Douglas Carswell that if Britain votes to leave the EU, will he stay on in office to implement their decision. He got up and said yes, then sat down again. 

Is this man off his head? Does he really believe the people of Britain will allow him to stay in office? Does he really think that after trashing Britain at every opportunity, after trying to scare everyone into submission, after sending out his £9m pro-EU leaflet, after banging the Brussels drum for weeks on end, he’ll get the opportunity?

Sorry Dave, but you’ll be an ex-prime minister on the 24th of June if we vote out. 

Who should go after a Brexit vote?

In the event of a Brexit vote on the 23rd of June, which government ministers will have to go?

Well, for a start, Prime Minister David Cameron will have to resign. He has nailed his colours so firmly to the remain mast he’ll have to go down with the sinking ship. 

Then there’s chancellor George Osborne. Britain cannot allow him to stay in post after his constant attacks claiming Britain has had it if it votes out. He portrays Britain as a basket case if Britain leaves the EU bosom. 

Anna Soubry, the small business minister has been so vocal about Britain staying in the EU that her attitude borders on maniacal. Her brief ministerial career will be over. 

Theresa May the home secretary, has been remarkably quiet on the issue. Most assumed for years she was a Eurosceptic, but when push came to shove, she chose to support Cameron and not her beliefs. That in itself should be enough to get her demoted. Besides, there’ll be a lot of work to be done as there are 2.7m EU nationals living in Britain, and their future status is unknown. She simply can’t be trusted. 

There’s a number of other ministers whose careers are at risk upon a Brexit. If it happens, there’ll be a massive rebuilding job required in government. I doubt there’ll be a general election because Labour has already sided with the government. 

Hammond is deluded 


Foreign secretary Philip Hammond is due to make a speech in London today in which he will apparently say:

“Britain is, and will remain, a world-class player. But I’m clear that our ability to project power and influence around the world is enhanced by our EU membership.”

He wants to project “power and influence”. What kind of “power”? The power to wage yet more wars of conquest in countries like Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya? Influence? What influence? Britain has 8% influence in EU affairs. It is regularly outvoted in Brussels thus allowing the influence of others to take precedence. 

He will also describe himself as an “historic sceptic” in his speech. I don’t believe him. He’s only said that over the years to garner support as his career ascends. When push came to shove he had no choice but to break cover and reveal his true colours as a Europhile. His behaviour tells me this is a man who cannot be trusted to tell the truth. How can someone who claims that for years he’s been sceptical of the EU suddenly become a Europhile? Has he has some kind of Damascene conversion? Or is he putting his career above his principles and country? 

Whichever way, Hammond has shown himself as a man who cannot be believed or trusted.

Tory incompetents

Nothing new about incompetent people in the Conservative party, but in recent weeks we’ve had calls for several Tories to be sacked. George Osborne for his budget, Jeremy Hunt for his junior doctors strike, and now Sajid Javid for his steel industry crisis. 

Makes you wonder how this party got elected. Mind you, the other lot are no better. 

Nicky Morgan is a liar 


MP Nicky Morgan has said Britain will be “cut off from the world” if it chooses Brexit. 

Where’s the evidence? Is she saying well have no contact with other countries? We won’t be able to trade? 

There are 168 countries in the world that aren’t in the EU. Are they cut off from the world? Are they all isolated? Are they all living in constant fear because the EU doesn’t run their countries?

We’ve heard some scaremongering stories during this campaign, but Nicky Morgan surely has to win first prize so far for the most idiotic comment, and she’s had some heavy competition. 

Dave buggers off to Spain 

Mr and Mrs Cameron have decided to nip off to Spain with Dave reportedly telling  his MPs: ‘I could do with time to think. It has been a tough week but let’s not lose sight of what we do’.

That’s ok then. There’s an in/out referendum campaign going on, a bombing in the EU capital, one of his major cabinet colleagues has just resigned, the budget fiasco, and he wants some sun, sea and sangria. 

Bloody joke.