The madness of the EU 

The battle of Brexit is starting to turn nasty. Over the last few weeks, what began as pleasantries has turned into outright hostility. 

Just a few weeks ago, the EU demanded a €50bn exit fee. This has now shot up to €100bn. And, according to the EU’s chief negotiator Michele Barnier, this random number is non-negotiable. A report produced by the House of Lords said we aren’t legally obliged to pay anything. 

The EU also believes that the UK has no claim to its share of EU assets, yet make the insistence we have to accept a share of the liabilities. Sorry, but they can’t have it both ways. 

There’s also the issue of the rights of EU citizens living in Britain. The EU says that these people should not come under British law but EU law. This is a ridiculous idea. If you go to live in a foreign country, you expect to be governed by local law, not by the laws of your own country. 

Enough is this. On the 9th of June the Prime Minister, whoever it may be, has to be firm and tell the EU firmly that none of this is acceptable and be prepared to walk away from the negotiating table. It must be made clear to the EU that Britain will not put up with bullying of any kind. The PM must also threaten the EU with the withdrawal of our military from the EU eastern front and no assistance from our security services, which is by far the most powerful in the EU. We could also mock the EU by hinting that we would not lift a finger to help the EU against Russia. 

These people are not our friends. They never have been. It’s time to say goodbye. 

EU taking liberties 

You really have to admire the cheek of these idiots in Brussels. Not only have they demanded a minimum of £50bn be paid as a leaving fee, they are now planning to move two European agencies from Britain and expect us to pay the relocation costs!

They’re having a laugh. They’re making all these demands before they will sit down to discuss a trade deal. They don’t seem to understand that we have a huge trade deficit with them. If we revert to World Trade Organisation rules, we stand to profit. 

I’ve had enough of these clowns. We should tell the EU to get stuffed, trade on WTO rules, withdraw our military from eastern Europe, and get out of Europol. 

The EU is terrified of our security withdrawal. They know Britain runs the show in Europol, and refuse to accept security being part of any trade deal. The Article 50 letter sent by Theresa May mentioned security a number of times. She knows how important it is to the EU, yet they still want unrestricted access to our security services. No. 

In addition, Britain can reduce corporation tax, something the EU is petrified of, and why they want us to agree to keep the rate up as part of the negotiations. No. 

Britain should just walk away. 

More EU threats

It comes as no surprise to see the EU making its threats as Theresa May announces she will trigger Article 50 next week. The latest one is that Britain will be given a straight take it or leave it deal. It wishes to ensure other countries are frightened off from following Britain out of the door. What a stunning endorsement of this ridiculous club. 

Jean-Claude Juncker has said: “the choice to eat what’s on the table or not come to the table at all”. Fine. The PM has said we’ll walk away from a bad deal, and that’s something we should do if necessary. But Britain has a few tricks it could pull itself. 

Britain and Germany are going to sign a defence treaty after Brexit. This could be scrapped. In addition, Britain has hundreds of troops and aircraft serving in eastern Europe. All these could be withdrawn, as can Royal Navy ships in the Mediterranean. There is also our security services such as MI5, MI6 and GCHQ, which could stop cooperating with the EU. Plus we could stop training EU forces. And to top it all, we can make clear to Russia that Britain, Europe’s most powerful country, won’t lift a finger to help the EU. 

Britain will make a net profit of £7.7bn if trade tarrifs are introduced under WTO rules. This money can be used to assist exporters. There is no reason to fear using WTO rules. 

There is plenty of ammunition available to the British government. I hope our negotiators have the the nerve to fight fire with fire. 

Article 50 to be triggered on 29th of March 

After nine months, court cases and remainiac plots to stop the process, Theresa May will finally trigger Article 50 on the 29th of March. 

I’m sure we’ll get lots of whingeing about this. The current fashionable statement by remoaners is “we’re going over the cliff edge”. They can belt up. They had their say during the campaign last year. There’s no cliff to go over. The EU needs a good deal too.

Business leaders can also shut up. They’ve been arguing for a transition period so they can ensure a smooth exit. They’ve already had nine months in addition to another two years until we’re out, how much more time do they need? Just get on with it.

Which is what David Cameron should have done the morning after the referendum. 

A message to remainiacs 

Britain has always been an awkward member of the EU. Britain had a referendum in June and voted to leave. You want to overturn the result and stay in. 

Do you really think the EU wants to keep a member that has always been troublesome and whose people have rejected them?

Of course not. Give it up, it’s over. We’re leaving. 

May needs to get tough 

Theresa May is due to hold Brexit talks with the EU sometime after March next year, and she should play tough.
She has announced she’s sending 150 British army troops to Poland to show some teeth to Russian president Vladimir Putin. Britain is also patrolling the Mediterranean and has some planes patrolling in Baltic countries. 

May should tell EU leaders that if they continue with their threats to impoverish Britain, we will have no choice but to withdraw our support in all these areas, and will also cut back on security service cooperation from MI5, MI6 and GCHQ, as well as training military personnel. 

Drastic yes, but why should the EU be allowed access to our resources and support when it wants to impoverish us? It would encourage Putin to provoke the EU and cause panic in the East. Tough. 

Britain is still one of the world’s major military power, and if Donald Trump carries out his threat to withdraw American support, the EU will need us to help out.  

That’s why May should have told the Poles that we will assist but only if the talks with the EU go well.  

When does the moaning stop?

Since the result of the EU referendum was announced in the early hours of the 24th of June, we’ve had nothing but whingeing and moaning from the sore losers of the remain campaign demanding a rerun of the vote. They’ve continually claimed that many people now ‘bregret’ their leave vote because they were lied to by the leave campaign. 

What a load of nonsense. Both campaigns, it is fair to say, told fibs. The common complaint is the £350m a week for the NHS which was put on the side of the Vote Leave battle bus. I never believed that claim and I don’t expect many others did either. 

But what about the claims made by the remain campaign? How about 3m job losses (Clegg)? Almost zero trade (Soubry)? World War III (Cameron)? £30bn punishment budget (Osborne and Darling)? No EU army (almost all of them)? These were all truthful claims were they? 

The real problem in the aftermath has been the resignation of David Cameron immediately after, because he said he would trigger Article 50 straight away, and his replacement by Theresa May, who has dithered endlessly and now there’s a court case going on over whether or not she has the power to carry out the will of the people. 

I hold May responsible for the failure to get this dealt with. It seems to me, that her being pro-remain, she is waiting for something to come along to prevent Britain leaving the EU. And this court case might be it. 

There are powerful forces ranged against the leave side. Big business, politicians, banks, media, all of whom have vested interests. Their demands for a second referendum are getting louder. They won’t accept anything other than a vote to stay. They demand that we, the little people, vote the way they want. 

No. We’ve had the vote after months of debate. The matter is settled. We voted to leave the EU. The decision has been made. Now Mrs May, get on with it or resign. 

Why Britain’s EU membership is over 

Can you imagine what the reaction would be if by some means or other, Britain is forced to remain in the EU?  The Supreme Court upholds the decision made by the High Court that parliament must decide on triggering Article 50. Parliament then blocks it, and we inform the EU we are staying. That scenario is highly likely. As we know, Westminster is stuffed to the rafters with remainiacs, including the PM and the leader of the opposition. 

What will the reputation of parliament be like if that happens? What will the EU make of British membership knowing that the majority of British people don’t want to stay? How could the British electorate ever trust our elected leaders again?

The whole idea of reneging on the result would be catastrophic for Westminster and Brussels alike. It would demonstrate that the will of the people means nothing to politicians, not just to Britain, but right across the EU. It would put Britain’s political system at risk and cause untold trouble on the continent. 

The real danger for the EU is having a member state which is not supported by its people. It is trying to build a consensus among its ever-growing Eurosceptics, and having Britain as a member would cause it no end of problems. The anger among the people of the EU would be massive. That Britain voted to leave but the decision was overturned by politicians would cause major rebellions everywhere. The EU certainly does not want that. It might even demand that British politicians uphold the referendum result. 

I’m afraid remainiacs really need to think about this before they try to subvert the democratic process.