Now is not the time to raise corporation tax

Once again, you have to question the sanity of the Labour party. In its leaked manifesto, the party plans to hike corporation tax by 40%. A good idea, some might think, make companies pay for extra state spending. 

So what happens if this goes ahead? The likes of Nissan and Honda will simply up sticks and move, leading to a huge loss in manufacturing jobs and less tax revenue. Is this what Labour wants?

During this difficult negotiation with the EU, it is imperative we try to convince businesses to remain in the UK. Raising corporation tax is not a good argument to persuade them. The EU is terrified that Britain will lower corporation tax and attract businesses to Britain. The last thing it wants is an economic powerhouse on its doorstep taking businesses away from the continent. With the £ at a lower level, reducing corporation tax will ensure that not only will companies stay in Britain, but more businesses are likely to move here, thus creating more jobs and a higher tax tax. Surely even these Corbyn can see that?

But then, Labour has never been any good at economics. 

Corbyn hasn’t a clue 

Jeremy Corbyn is going to get annihilated in this election and he knows it, yet he’s still coming up with ideas that will reduce his numbers even further. 

He wants to scrap Britain’s nuclear deterrent despite top military advisors being against it. He wants to ensure Britain gets an identical deal with the EU as the current one, even though the EU has said this won’t happen. He has no idea how to limit immigration, although the evidence shows he doesn’t want to. He wants to spend £500bn but has no idea where he’s going to get it and how he will pay it back.

What is he and his silly party all about?

Labour’s concession folly

Labour’s shadow Brexit secretary Keir Starmer has said EU citizens living in the UK should have their residential rights guaranteed before the Brexit talks begin.  

What if Britain guarantees their rights and then the EU decides not to allow British citizens living in the EU to have reciprocal rights? I know people shouldn’t be used as bargaining chips, but we shouldn’t be giving away anything before the talks. 

Starmer needs to understand that the talks will be tough, and we shouldn’t concede anything until they commence. 

Corbyn has a cunning plan 

Jeremy Corbyn seems to have the solution to dealing with rebellious MPs plotting to overthrow him. Force them to stand for reselection when the boundary changes come. 

He’s got massive support at grassroots level and local Labour branches will be only too happy to accommodate him when the time comes. He’ll be able to get rid of all the rebels in one go. 

Have a feeling there’s going to be a split in the Labour party before long. 

It couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of people. 

The Eagle has bottled it 

For all her bravado and bluster, and banging on about how Labour needs a woman leader, Angela Eagle shows she doesn’t have what it takes after all. 

She has decided that she will step down and support Owen Smith for the Labour leadership. This is the same Angela Eagle who faces deselection by her local constituency party who ordered her to support Corbyn. Not only did she ignore those instructions, she tried to topple him as leader. 

Smith, it should not be forgotten, said it would be tempting to ignore the Brexit victory, and wants a second referendum on the deal the British government does with Brussels. That’ll go down well with Labour voters who voted in droves to leave the EU. In typical Labour fashion, he seems to forget that. 

Meanwhile, various polls show Jeremy Corbyn is streets ahead of both rivals in the forthcoming leadership election. Now it’s just Corbyn v Smith. My money is in Corbyn by a landslide. 

And after it’s all done and dusted, I hope Eagle and Smith do the honourable thing and resign from the Labour party. 


The Labour Court Jester 

The challenge to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is hilarious. He was elected by a large majority of the party less than a year ago and now finds himself subject to a secret ballot to see if he can stand for re-election to his present job, against the foolish Angela Eagle. 

The MP for Wallasey has decided to challenge Corbyn for the leadership, despite her local constituency party ordering her to back the Labour leader. She declined. 

Now she faces a vote of no confidence by her own local party. 

Imagine what could happen. Corbyn is barred from standing for election as leader. Eagle becomes Labour leader but is then deselected as a candidate in her own constituency. She’ll be leader of the party but deselected as an MP for the next election. 

The Labour party has become a farce. I can see this mob falling to bits at this rate. 

With people like Angela Eagle around, deservedly so. 

UPDATE: The Labour NEC has decided that Corbyn can stand in the leadership contest which means Eagle is going to lose her bid to become party leader. She’s also under threat of deselection by her own constituency party. I think it’s bye bye from her. 

Corbyn does a Jim Hacker 

For many years Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has been opposed to the EU, but since becoming leader he’s changed his stance and now says he wants to remain inside an institution he’s long despised because that’s what his party wants. He’s a hypocrite. 

It reminded me of a sketch from 1980s comedy series ‘Yes, Prime Minister’, in which Jim Hacker says ‘I am their leader, I must follow them’. A bit like what Corbyn is doing now. 

It shows how weak a leader Corbyn is and why he’s unfit to be PM. If he has such strong views and his party elected him knowing those views, why has he suddenly made such a u-turn? 

Or has he always been pro-EU and he’s hoodwinked everyone for years? Either way, it shows he can’t be trusted and too weak to lead. 

Gordon Brown talking nonsense…again 

Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown has  come out with a peach of a statement. He reckons it’s “British” to want to remain in the EU. 

Really? Then why does he support supremacy of EU law over British law? Why does he think the European Court of Justice should have precedence over the UK Supreme Court? Why does he think Britain should be subject to rulings that it voted against?

And to top it all, he doesn’t think he let in too many immigrants. 

It’s not hard to see why he couldn’t win a general election and why he’s a “former” prime minister.