Farron gone 

Little Timmy Farron has decided to pack in the job of Lib Dems party leader. He says it would be impossible for him to continue as leader and remain faithful to Jesus Christ. 

Can’t say I’m surprised. He grappled with supporting things he wasn’t too keen on, like gay sex and marriage. 

I’m glad he’s gone because he’s one of the biggest remoaners out there, and his leadership during the last election was abysmal. The only thing he banged on about was Brexit. 

Bye Timmy. 

Farron wants to invite 50,000 people from Syria 

The Lib Dems have decided that it would be a good idea to bring 50,000 Syrian refugees to Britain at a cost of £4.3bn. 

Where is he going to find the money? Where is he going to house them in the midst of a massive housing crisis? Where are these people going to work? He wants EU free movement to continue. Where are the jobs coming from?

This is typical woolly-headed thinking from Farron’s lot yet again. Waste of good oxygen. 

Last chance saloon for Farron 

Tim Farron is positioning the Lib Dems as the only party that can oppose Brexit and keep Britain in the EU. All well and good Timmy but what if you fail to beat the Tories? Will you stop whingeing and resign for your failures?

Welsh Lib Dems hypocrisy 

A few days ago, I asked the Welsh Lib Dems via Twitter if they favoured devolution, and if so, would they support devolution of the DVLA. They said: “We’re strongly in favour of devolving more powers, but we wouldn’t devolve the DVLA”. 

Seems quite obvious to me this is a party that believes in all take and no give. If it truly supported the principles of devolution it would support devolving the DVLA. In this case, it would mean each home nation running its own organisation for drivers. Localising it, if you will, which is surely a cornerstone of the principle of devolution. 

But no. It would mean the Welsh Lib Dems supporting the relocation of up to 4,500 jobs from Swansea to England. If devolution is to be taken seriously, the Welsh Lib Dems must accept there will be some rough with the smooth. The principle adopted by the Welsh Lib Dems appears to be: “we support devolution, but only when it suits us”. 

What a hypocritical bunch these Welsh Lib Dems are. 

Charles Kennedy dead at 55


Former Lib Dem leader Charles Kennedy has died at his Scottish home aged 55. He led the party through their most successful period, winning 62 seats in 2005.

Tributes have poured in from all sides of the political spectrum, praising his leadership and political skills.

Kennedy lost his seat at the last general election after serving 32 years as an MP.

However, I’ve always had a problem with Kennedy. This is the man who once said;

Do I detect a certain schadenfreude among Scots at the apparent current turmoil among the English over their sense of national identity? If so, it is given extra savour because that crisis of identity is provoked at least in part by the creation of the Parliament in Scotland and the Assembly in Wales. Suddenly it is Scotland which is forging ahead in a grand constitutional experiment, and England which is poring over its national navel and asking: who are we … and why?

He also said;

Scotland has a Parliament. Wales an Assembly. Northern Ireland, soon I hope, a working Assembly too. In England, regionalism is growing as never before. Calling into question, as it happens, the idea of England itself.

His idea that England should consist of nine regions and not as a nation in its own right was objectionable to many English people, all the more so because it came from a Scotsman who supported devolution for the other nations of the UK.

While it is sad that he has died, I for one will not miss his ideas for England.

Yesterday’s man speaks out


Former Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg will today come out of his self-imposed exile and defend any proposed Tory changes to the Human Rights Act.

Today’s Queen’s Speech may include a Tory manifesto commitment to scrap the Act and introduce a British Bill of Rights instead.

This will be Clegg’s first public comment since resigning as Lib Dem leader after their crushing defeat at the general election.

He’s hoping people will listen to him this time. They didn’t bother earlier in the month.

Tim Farron wants to rename the Lib Dems


Tim Farron, the favourite to take over the leadership of the Liberal Democrats, is considering a name change to the Liberal Party. One source said: “The Liberal party has a long history and it is important to capitalise on that. We are the party of Gladstone, Lloyd George and Beveridge and we should be proud of that.”

It seems Mr Farron has forgotten that the Liberal Party still exists.

So much for understanding history.

Does Clegg never learn?


On the Andrew Marr show this morning, Lib Dem leader and deputy PM Nick Clegg was asked a number of times about raising English tuition fees, and each time he dodged the question.

Considering the issue caused so much trouble for Clegg, one would think he’d stick to his original stance in 2010 of abolishing them, but no. He’s planning a new hike.

Anyway, he may not be an MP after May 7.