Prime Minister’s Questions 3 June 2015


Today’s PMQ’s, the first after the general election, was a bit of a lively affair when David Cameron was asked where his mate Boris Johnson was.  Cameron replied he was off running London. Isn’t he supposed to be representing his constituents in parliament?

Nick Clegg was in the House today, but former Labour leader Ed Miliband was nowhere to be seen. Perhaps he’s still embarrassed about the general election catastrophe. Or maybe he’s looking at his Ed Stone and wondering where it all went wrong.

Interim Labour leader Harriet Harman was a little quiet today, asking about housing and welfare, but it seems she was overwhelmed by Cameron’s accusation that the Tories were still cleaning up the mess left by the last Labour government.

Tributes were paid to former Liberal Democrat leader Charles Kennedy, with members of his family in the visitors gallery.

Although questions were thrown at Cameron, he simply chose to ignore them, or batted back questions himself. The public must get fed up with politicians avoiding questions. We see it so often on our TV screens.

Just answer the damn questions! It’s what PMQ’s are supposed to be about, after all.