Shut up Sturgeon 

That little Scottish loudmouth Nicola Sturgeon has demanded an early meeting with Theresa May and wants the Scottish government fully involved in Brexit negotiations. 

This is a non-devolved, reserved matter and is therefore nothing to do with Sturgeon. She is simply the first minister of a small, devolved parliament and is trying to muscle in on the negotiations. Who the hell does she think she is? She’s got 56 SNP representatives at Westminster led by Alex Salmond, and it is he who should be addressing the new PM. 

Theresa May should do two things. Firstly, tell Sturgeon to shut up and stay out of this reserved matter, and secondly, impose a new independence referendum on Scotland and tell the Scottish people that this matter has been forced because Sturgeon keeps threatening the referendum. I for one am fed up of the tail wagging the dog. 

It should also be made clear to Scotland that the rest of the union is fed up of her tantrums and it needs to be put to bed once and for all. If Scotland was to vote out, then so be it, goodbye and good riddance. 

In the meantime, Sturgeon should get on with governing Scotland properly using existing powers, and to cut the Scottish deficit. 

Scotland will need a bailout 

The Guardian is reporting that Scotland is facing a debt that’s likely to be three times greater than the rest of Britain. 
The oil price has crashed and Scotland is spending much more than it can afford. This is despite the generous Barnett Formula courtesy of the English taxpayer. Yet, the SNP and in particular, Nicola Sturgeon, are flying high in the polls. 

It’s easy when you can spend above your means knowing you’ll be bailed out if necessary. 

Get stuffed Salmond

Scottish MP Alex Salmond has said that if the third runway for Heathrow airport is built at a cost of £5bn to the taxpayer, Scotland should receive a £500m kickback. 

Scotland has its block grant, which is far too generous as it is. Now Salmond wants more. 

Tell you what Alex. Do one. 

Shut up, Sturgeon 

Nicola Sturgeon, leader of the Clan Macakeandeatit, sorry, the SNP, is continuing to bang the independence drum at the party’s annual conference. She has cited four areas where she said another independence vote could be triggered; the “vow”, spending cuts, the renewal of Trident, and an out vote in the forthcoming EU referendum. She said :

“If you try to take Scotland out of the EU against our democratic wishes you will be breaching the terms of last year’s vote. In those circumstances you may well find that demand for a second independence referendum is unstoppable.”

Sorry, but didn’t Scotland vote to remain part of the union last year? Doesn’t that mean Scotland has to abide by the decisions made by the union as a whole?

Wee Nicky needs to accept that by voting to stay in the union, Scotland will have to accept the decisions of the majority. That’s what democracy is all about isn’t it? If the Scots don’t like it, tough. They voted to remain in the union and have to deal with it. 

Including you, Sturgeon. 

Cameron rejects Scotref 2


David Cameron has rejected calls for another Scottish independence referendum before he leaves office in 2020.

The Scottish Nationalists have said that another referendum should be held if Britain votes to leave the EU, if there’s further austerity cuts, or if the “vow”, made during the last referendum campaign is not delivered.

The Nats need to start accepting a few things. First, Scotland had its say and voted decisively to remain in the union. Secondly, having voted to stay in the union, they have to accept union decisions, including if Britain votes to leave the EU. Thirdly, Nicola Sturgeon and Alex Salmond both said during the last campaign that this was a ” once in a lifetime” referendum.

Salmond and Sturgeon are sour losers. They refuse to accept the will of the Scottish people. It’s time they shut up and got on with the business of working for the people who elected then.

SNP to interfere in English affairs


The SNP has announced its intentions to interfere in English affairs. The party’s leader at Westminster, Angus Robertson, has said that the party’s strength in the Commons means it is no longer restricted to just Scottish affairs but can spread its power south of the border.

If this is the case, then drastic measures need to be taken. If the SNP wish to get involved in English affairs, then English MPs must also have the reciprocal right to get involved in Scottish affairs. To make that work, the Scottish parliament must be closed down and we revert to the system prior to the re-introduction of the Scottish parliament, and all matters dealt with by Westminster.

The SNP cannot have it both ways. Either it minds its own business, or it accepts English MPs dealing with Scottish affairs.

Another solution, and one which is much more sensible and attractive than English Votes for Laws is an English parliament, one that has identical powers to Holyrood, and something that should have been created when Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland were granted devolution.

The political system in the UK is in a mess and something needs to be done to address the democratic deficit suffered by England. If not, we will see the SNP block legislation for England which could be of benefit for its citizens. Prime Minister David Cameron must stop this SNP nonsense from taking hold immediately.

Salmond’s “woman” jibe


Alex Salmon, former leader of the SNP, has been criticised after telling a Tory MP to “behave yourself, woman”.

Those words would have been better directed at his overbearing boss, Madam Sturgeon.

Sturgeon now kicking off about the EU


SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon is now threatening another independence referendum if Britain votes to leave the EU. Despite a majority of Scots voting to remain in the union last year, she says that there would be “a groundswell of anger” if Scotland were to be taken out of the EU with the rest of Britain.

How many times do we have to put up with this woman making her constant threats? She cannot accept that Scotland has had its say, it chose to stay in the union, and must accept the consequences of union decisions and the will of the British people as a whole.

This needs to be pointed out to her each time she opens her mouth, that she was the loser and failure in the Scottish independence referendum, and continues to refuse to accept the will of the Scottish people.