Carswell says UKIP could displace Labour in England

UKIP’s sole MP Douglas Carswell has said his party could displace Labour in England.

This is no idle boast. Labour has, over the years, forgotten its working class roots in the pursuit of the middle class vote, and seen the blue collar class defect to pastures new. These pastures in Scotland are the SNP. In England it’s UKIP.

There’s a real danger to Labour. Out of favour in Scotland, it has no English Labour party for voters to identify with. It has no England-specific manifesto, and at the last election continued to promote its “English Regions” obsession, even though this idea failed in 2004.

While Labour continues to ignore England, UKIP will happily mop up disaffected English voters who feel Labour has abandoned them.

Former Labour MP John Denham has called for the creation of an English Labour party. The Labour hierarchy would do well to listen.

Kippers at war


There’s a war going on within the ranks of UKIP over Nigel Farage and his “resignation”. You have to wonder how much of this is media manipulation and how much is genuine.

Farage is extremely well known and the most prominent figure of the Eurosceptic movement. Take Farage out and the movement loses its biggest weapon.

It’s no exaggeration to say that without Farage, there is no one of national prominence to lead the campaign to get Britain out of the EU. It’s likely that, with rumours of the in/out referendum being brought forward by a year, removing Farage now allows no time to groom a successor.

Of course, the Eurosceptic movement doesn’t and shouldn’t rely on just one person, but UKIP is the main vehicle for the movement, particularly with Farage as its leader. They need each other

Don’t be surprised if there’s a combination of vested interests at work trying to destroy UKIP, particularly after the party secured almost 4 million votes last week.

This is what Westminster will be missing out on -Farage at his best

It’s a shame Nigel never won a seat in Westminster. He would have made entertaining viewing at Prime Minister’s Questions.

Nigel stays put


No surprise here. Nigel Farage has decided to stay on as party leader after UKIP’s National Executive Committee refused to accept his resignation after failing to win a Westminster seat at last week’s general election.

The charismatic leader has the overwhelming backing of his party to remain in post. This might be a risk as UKIP may be seen as a one man band. However, the party hierarchy see him as the man to spearhead the campaign to remove Britain from the European Union in a referendum due in 2017.

There is another important issue which Farage will be taking a lead on. UKIP polled a massive 3.8 million votes yet obtained just a single MP, Doug Carswell. Farage wants electoral reform and proportional representation. This would have given UKIP 83 MP’s if the system had been in place for this election.

The in/out EU referendum along with proportional representation are two issues UKIP will be focusing on, and see Farage as just the man to publicise them on the national stage.