Labour’s concession folly

Labour’s shadow Brexit secretary Keir Starmer has said EU citizens living in the UK should have their residential rights guaranteed before the Brexit talks begin.  

What if Britain guarantees their rights and then the EU decides not to allow British citizens living in the EU to have reciprocal rights? I know people shouldn’t be used as bargaining chips, but we shouldn’t be giving away anything before the talks. 

Starmer needs to understand that the talks will be tough, and we shouldn’t concede anything until they commence. 

Parliamentary stitch upĀ 

If you’ve been watching the latest developments over triggering Article 50, you’ll be aware that, without parliamentary approval, we won’t be leaving the EU. 

The High Court has decided that parliament must have a say on Brexit. This means that, as most MPs support remaining in, there’s going to be some horse trading going on. 

For example, Labour’s Shadow Minister for Brexit, Keir Starmer, has insisted Britain must stay in the customs union and the single market. This is simply Brexit-lite. This will mean that Britain will have to accept the EU’s four freedoms, including the free movement of people. It will also mean that Britain will have to continue to pay into the EU, and won’t be allowed to negotiate its own free trade deals. 

This isn’t what people voted for. We voted to leave the EU and its constructs. What MPs are planning to do is to keep us as closely aligned to the EU so they can rejoin as soon as an opportunity presents itself. 

Remainiacs are using the argument that Britain voted to leave the EU but not the single market and customs union. This is all duplicitous. They know full well we voted to leave the lot. 

The government appeal goes to the Supreme Court next month, and Nigel Farage is planning a demonstration. Good. We need to ensure the votes of 17.4m people count and won’t be ignored or subverted. 

It would be good if the PM could call a general election, but her hands are tied by the fixed term parliament act. If possible, we need to rid ourselves of MPs that refuse to accept how their constituencies voted. People like Anna Soubry, Owen Smith and Ed Miliband would be swept aside and replaced by people who will carry out the instructions of their constituents. 

MPs need to remember they work for us, not the other way around.