It was the banks fault!

A senior civil servant has claimed Labour didn’t overspend, the fault was with the banks.

Ok, but who forgot to regulate the banks in the first place? Why didn’t “Iron Chancellor” Gordon Brown foresee this and take adequate steps to deal with the banks?

Typical “weren’t me guv” attitude.

Ed stone puts Miliband campaign on the rocks


Ed Miliband has today announced Labour’s pledges on a stone tablet. The reaction on Twitter is hilarious and has backfired big time on the opposition leader. Here’s the story and the Twitter hash tag is #EdStone

Where’s it all gone?

There’s been a lot of talk during the election campaign about cutting the deficit, but Labour, the Lib Dems and the Conservatives have been very quiet about the national debt, currently hovering around the £1.5tn mark.

All three parties have been responsible for this disgraceful situation yet remain silent on how it’s ever going to be paid off. How did the debt ever get to be this high?

The politicians need to answer this:


Ed’s SNP dilemma


Just about every poll has confirmed Labour won’t win a majority in this election, yet Ed Miliband has ruled out any kind of deal with the SNP.

Where does he think he’s going to get enough seats from? Probably from the same magic tree the last Labour government got all its money from.

No EU referendum on offer from Labour or Lib Dems

Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg reiterated last night they oppose an in/out EU referendum. They claim millions of jobs are at risk because the EU would lock its doors to British goods.

International law would disagree, as would the German car industry, French winemakers, and Belgian chocolatiers. Works both ways after all.

It seems they’re scared of democracy by continuing to oppose a vote. Why don’t they just agree to a referendum and argue their corner?

Or are they afraid the citizenry might actually burst their Euro-bubble?

SNP want HS2 start in Scotland

Apparently, the SNP are making the demand that, if in government, HS2 will start in Edinburgh and not London. If not, they’ll vote the project down.

The Scots have been after a high-speed London – Edinburgh rail link for a long time. The reasoning for this is so they can poach a lot of City of London financial business.

For a party that wants separation, they seem ever so keen for the link.