The beginning of the end 

The British government and the EU have finally commenced Brexit talks today in Brussels, each side having firm red lines. It is the beginning of the end of our EU membership. 

Our red lines should include: no extortionate exit payments, out of the single market and customs union, full control of our territorial waters up to the maximum allowed, the deportation of any EU citizen that has committed crimes while in the UK, taking Gibraltar off the table, and no jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice on British affairs. 

It’s going to be tough, but I think David Davis will do fine. No backsliding, David. 

David Davis – Mr Brexit 

For Brexiters, the appointment of David Davis to the role of Brexit minister is more than welcome news. This is a man who has supported Britain leaving the EU for many years. 

Davis knows his onions and is the perfect person to negotiate Britain’s exit from the EU. It’s an appointment I’m extremely happy about and one that means Britain really is going to leave the EU on our terms.  

David Davis says Cameron can’t negotiate Brexit 

Tory MP David Davis appeared on the Andrew Marr programme this morning and said that David Cameron should stay on as PM after Brexit, but shouldn’t take part in the negotiations. 

Davis is wrong. Cameron should resign immediately. No ifs or buts, he should pack it in. Cameron has been so vociferous about staying in he’s compromised his position as PM. He’s been the main face of the battle to keep Britain in the EU, and as a result, has tied his future to the result. 

Mind you, if Cameron does stay on after Brexit and tries to get involved in negotiations, Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage will eat him alive. 

That would be funny to watch.