Kick out ALL EU criminals 

The government has said that those from the EU will be welcome to stay in the UK once Britain leaves, except for serious criminals. 

Sorry, but this does not go far enough. What is deemed to be a serious offence? Murder? Yes of course. Rape? Yes. Violent acts? Certainly.

But what about those who have committed burglaries and theft? What about persistent petty offenders? Are they to be rewarded with residency?

The rule should be, if you have come to the UK and committed a crime, any crime, then you are not welcome. We’ve got enough home grown villains. We don’t need any more, thank you. 

The beginning of the end 

The British government and the EU have finally commenced Brexit talks today in Brussels, each side having firm red lines. It is the beginning of the end of our EU membership. 

Our red lines should include: no extortionate exit payments, out of the single market and customs union, full control of our territorial waters up to the maximum allowed, the deportation of any EU citizen that has committed crimes while in the UK, taking Gibraltar off the table, and no jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice on British affairs. 

It’s going to be tough, but I think David Davis will do fine. No backsliding, David. 

A message to Brexiters 

Tomorrow’s general election is a choice between the Conservatives or Labour. There are no other real choices. 

We are “assured” that Theresa May will ensure Brexit will be delivered in full. Labour has said it will not leave the EU without a deal, no matter what that deal is. 

We don’t know if Labour will have enough seats to form a government, or if they will have to go into coalition with the SNP. If that’s the case, then expect Britain to remain in the single market and customs union. That’s not what we voted for in last year’s referendum. 

UKIP is not strong enough this time round to ensure the Tories deliver a full Brexit. The Lib Dems are nowhere. 

Theresa May is an awful prime minister. She offers nothing to the country. But the alternative is worse. Much worse. If Labour win tomorrow, say goodbye to Brexit. Say goodbye to our armed forces and nuclear deterrent. Say hello to more immigration and debt. And say hello to more terrorists. 

If you want to see Brexit delivered, vote Tory where they can win, or UKIP to draw votes away from Labour. The left wing has been advocating tactical voting, so should the right. 

Put an end finally to the uncertainty of Brexit being delivered and use your vote wisely. If you’re a Brexiter then it’s either the Tories or UKIP. This is the most important election for many years. 

Don’t let the EU fanatics win. 

What’s Labour’s plans for the Brexit windfall?

I asked Labour MP Mike Gapes what his party’s plans were for the £11bn windfall that Britain will get once we leave the EU and this is his reply:

I don’t see this as a sensible reply to a reasonable question. It seems odd to me that Labour and the Lib Dems have no plans for what to do with the extra money, which begs the question: do either of these parties have any intention of respecting the referendum result and have therefore decided not to include this money in their calculations? Or are they willing to keep paying into Brussels in the hope that one day Britain will rejoin and the path to renewed membership will be smooth?

For some bizarre reason they fail to acknowledge that Britain will save a fortune by leaving the EU and don’t seem keen to spend this money in manifesto commitments. They constantly bang on about the NHS and education being underfunded. Here are two areas that can benefit, yet they won’t talk about using the money. 

A bit sinister wouldn’t you agree?

Protect our fisheries 

With the Brexit negotiations about to kick off, there’s bound to be lots of give and take between both sides, but there are some things that cannot be compromised. Our fishing industry is one. 

The British government must ensure that this is a red line and we will take back full control and rebuild it. If the EU attempts to force the British to continue the current practice of quotas, they should be told it’s not up for debate and move on. It might affect the EU’s fishing fleets but so what? When Ted Heath handed over our territorial waters it decimated our own fleet. It was a shameful act and must not be allowed to continue. 

I support our fishing industry and wish to see it grow. 

Britain must stand firm on Gibraltar 

A row is brewing after Lord Howard said Britain would go to war to defend Gibraltar. This is a little extreme, but whatever happens, Britain must not back down to EU demands that Gibraltar won’t be included in any trade deal unless it’s approved by the Spanish government, which is unlikely. 

If the EU insists on this then the British government must walk away from the negotiations. At the same time, Britain must pull the plug on all security and military support with the EU. 

We won’t be blackmailed. The people of Gibraltar want to remain British, and no amount of bullying should affect that. 

And these EU people are supposed to be our friends and partners? 

Yeah, right.

EU blackmailers won’t win 

The EU has now set out its negotiating position with Britain and it’s not pretty. 

It’s demanding that the terms of exit are finalised before a trade deal is discussed, that Gibraltar is not covered in the negotiations, that Spain has an effective veto on the Rock, that we pay a hefty exit fee on departure, that we do not conclude trade agreements with other countries, that we negotiate for our air base in Cyprus, that we cannot cut corporation tax, and that we continue to provide security and military support for the EU. 
The EU can demand what it likes. I’d prefer our government to tell the EU to get stuffed rather than give in to these demands. We have a strong hand to play. 

Firstly, if Gibraltar is not included, then no deal is possible. We cannot subject Gibraltar to exclusion and Spanish demands. 

Secondly, our base in Cyprus is off-limits. 

Thirdly, the EU knows that Britain has a powerful nuclear option in cutting corporation tax. If this were used, the EU would face losing plenty of companies who could move to Britain to enjoy lower taxes and less red tape, especially as the £ is now lower. 

Fourthly, the House of Lords has concluded that Britain doesn’t owe these large sums of money that have been bandied around, something in the region of £50bn. It certainly shouldn’t be paid. 

Fifth, the EU has no right to demand that Britain continues to provide security and military support free of charge. It’s demanding that we continue to provide support because it’s morally wrong to endanger the lives of European people. Whether it’s wrong or not is not the issue. It  will cost money. The EU should pay. The British government is demanding a free trade agreement as the price. The ball is in the EU court. 

Of course, the EU doesn’t have to pay the price. It can say thanks, but no thanks, but unfortunately for them, they have nothing like the same capabilities as we have. The Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, has already indicated Britain could deny its resources to Europol. This would cause huge problems for the EU. And what would be the effect if we also pulled our military out of eastern Europe? What if Britain also persuades the Americans to do likewise? It wouldn’t take much. The American president is not a fan of the EU. It would leave the EU eastern border dangerously exposed to an unpredictable Vladimir Putin. Still, the EU has France and Germany, and of course the much vaunted EU “army”. 

The fools in Brussels will have to come to their senses. We have a huge trade deficit with the EU, and any tarrifs raised can be used to offset any tarrifs imposed. The security and military angle will be enough to frighten eastern European countries into action. It should also frighten western European states who are grappling with mass immigration and terrorist threats. 

The negotiations will turn nasty. Let’s hope our negotiators have the traditional stiff upper lip and play hard against these bastards. 

Today is the day 

At around 12.30 today, Sir Tim Barrow, the UK’s permanent representative to Brussels, will hand over a letter to European Council President Donald Tusk signalling Britain’s intention to leave the European Union. 

The letter, signed by Prime Minister Theresa May yesterday afternoon, was taken to Brussels last night and is now with Barrow awaiting delivery. 

It is the moment I have been waiting 25 years for. From the signing of the Maastricht Treaty in 1992 up until the 23rd of June last year, I have campaigned for a referendum on Britain’s EU membership, and hopefully to see Britain vote to leave. Today, sees the start of that process. 

In April 1997, I attended the now legendary meeting of the Referendum Party at Alexandra Palace, fronted by Sir James Goldsmith. It was a day I’ll never forget. The patriotism was at a level not seen since the Queen’s silver jubilee in 1977, and certainly not seen since. People from all different backgrounds, young and old, rich and poor, wanted their country back. They came together to stop their country being dragged into a federal European superstate. Today, theirs and my wish will come true. One of the sad things is that Sir James will not see this glorious day. He passed away not long after that historic day at Alexandra Palace. 

Even now, there are the likes of Sturgeon, Salmond, Farron, Clegg, Lucas, Soubry, Morgan, Benn, Khan, Starmer, all trying to derail the process of Britain’s departure. Their demands are ridiculous. They are fighting against Britain leaving the single market and customs union. They are fighting to give rights to EU citizens living in the UK while at the same time ignoring a million British citizens living in EU countries. They wish to retain the closest possible links with the EU in the hope that they can drag Britain straight back into the EU at the earliest opportunity.  They’re a poisonous 5th column trying to do Britain down so they can gleefully say ‘I told you so’. These people are traitors. 

Today, I plan to sit down in front of the TV and watch events unfold. For me, this will be the culmination of 25 years of work to liberate Britain from ever-closer union and the impending European superstate. 

And I will raise a glass to an independent future.