A year ago today…

We were all off to vote on our membership of the European Union, and thankfully we made the decision to get out. 

Sadly, it took nine months to tell the EU, and in that time there’s been a serious amount of opposition to us leaving. Even now there’s still a risk that Brexit might not happen. David Cameron, the then PM, lost his nerve and resigned. His replacement, Theresa May dithered. 

But anyway, happy independence day to all!

Theresa May gets it wrong again!

Theresa May really doesn’t know when to stop digging when she’s in a hole. After her two chiefs of staff, Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill resign in disgrace, she then appoints someone who has never had a proper job, has spent most of his life working for the Tories, and is a rabid remainiac. Meet Gavin Barwell. 

Barwell, who lost his seat in Croydon Central on Thursday, has been appointed May’s advisor, and she believes him to be the man to turn her political fortunes around. Wrong. As the country tries to steer its way out of the EU, why appoint a remainiac? Insanity. 

But then, Theresa May isn’t known for wise decisions, as she proved by calling an election she didn’t need to, and approving a manifesto that punished both young and old in Britain. 

The sooner she resigns, the better. The Tories need real Tories in charge, and people who believe in Brexit, not two failed politicians like May and Barwell. 

Hung parliament 

It’s official. Britain will have a hung parliament. Theresa May’s election gamble has spectacularly backfired and just at the point when Britain is due to start Brexit negotiations. 

What a shambles. May has destroyed the Tory majority and has now put Brexit in jeopardy. May has to go. Today. 

The country will be ungovernable, and don’t be surprised if there’s another election by the end of the year. 

A message to Brexiters 

Tomorrow’s general election is a choice between the Conservatives or Labour. There are no other real choices. 

We are “assured” that Theresa May will ensure Brexit will be delivered in full. Labour has said it will not leave the EU without a deal, no matter what that deal is. 

We don’t know if Labour will have enough seats to form a government, or if they will have to go into coalition with the SNP. If that’s the case, then expect Britain to remain in the single market and customs union. That’s not what we voted for in last year’s referendum. 

UKIP is not strong enough this time round to ensure the Tories deliver a full Brexit. The Lib Dems are nowhere. 

Theresa May is an awful prime minister. She offers nothing to the country. But the alternative is worse. Much worse. If Labour win tomorrow, say goodbye to Brexit. Say goodbye to our armed forces and nuclear deterrent. Say hello to more immigration and debt. And say hello to more terrorists. 

If you want to see Brexit delivered, vote Tory where they can win, or UKIP to draw votes away from Labour. The left wing has been advocating tactical voting, so should the right. 

Put an end finally to the uncertainty of Brexit being delivered and use your vote wisely. If you’re a Brexiter then it’s either the Tories or UKIP. This is the most important election for many years. 

Don’t let the EU fanatics win. 

Macron bad for Brexit? Just ignore him 

Emmanuel Macron is going to be the new president of France. He’s apparently going to give Britain a hard time over Brexit. 

This is same Macron who was economic advisor to the disastrous outgoing president  François Hollande. The same Macron who had never been elected to public office until yesterday. The same Macron who went to Downing Street and straight afterwards tried to woo finance business to France. The same Macron who was an investment banker and the darling of the “progressive alliance”. The same Macron who will be no more than a nodding dog to Angela Merkel. 

Theresa May shouldn’t worry. Just ignore the Frenchman and deal with Merkel direct. Macron will agree to anything he’s told to. 

May gets it wrong 

Just when you thought Theresa May might be getting things right, she comes up with sure-fire ways to reduce the Tory vote. 

She’s planning to remove the triple lock on pensions and increase taxes, while at the same time guaranteeing to keep foreign aid spending pegged at 0.7% of GDP. 

There’s a crisis in the NHS, social care is on the verge of collapse, food banks and homelessness are growth industries, and education is in financial dire straits. There are many ways in which May can get extra money to help the most vulnerable in society. 

First, she’ll have the Brexit dividend of about £10bn a year. Secondly, she should scrap foreign aid but keep some of it in reserve to assist emergency disasters. Thirdly, the Barnett Formula should be scrapped, particularly in Scotland where the Scottish parliament has tax varying powers. 

This should give May a minimum of £35bn a year to spend on helping the people in our country. Instead, she’s going to borrow billions from the money markets to give away. With the accumulated interest, it’ll be  even higher. It’s the politics of madness. 

Sort it out, May. 

EU taking liberties 

You really have to admire the cheek of these idiots in Brussels. Not only have they demanded a minimum of £50bn be paid as a leaving fee, they are now planning to move two European agencies from Britain and expect us to pay the relocation costs!

They’re having a laugh. They’re making all these demands before they will sit down to discuss a trade deal. They don’t seem to understand that we have a huge trade deficit with them. If we revert to World Trade Organisation rules, we stand to profit. 

I’ve had enough of these clowns. We should tell the EU to get stuffed, trade on WTO rules, withdraw our military from eastern Europe, and get out of Europol. 

The EU is terrified of our security withdrawal. They know Britain runs the show in Europol, and refuse to accept security being part of any trade deal. The Article 50 letter sent by Theresa May mentioned security a number of times. She knows how important it is to the EU, yet they still want unrestricted access to our security services. No. 

In addition, Britain can reduce corporation tax, something the EU is petrified of, and why they want us to agree to keep the rate up as part of the negotiations. No. 

Britain should just walk away. 

Labour facing wipeout 

It comes as no surprise to hear of Labour MPs complaining about Theresa May calling a general election for the 8th of June because many of them face losing their seats. 

A number of Labour MPs are in marginal constituencies and the party currently has terrible poll ratings. It also doesn’t help having Jeremy Corbyn as party leader. 

Let’s look at the major reason for this election. May has stated that while the country is coming together, Westminster is not. On a daily basis we hear of some plot to derail Brexit. There’s MP after MP making one demand or another for a second referendum, to remain in the single market and customs union, that we should prioritise the rights of EU citizens living here over the rights of British citizens living there, that we need to stay as close as possible to our European “partners” by having the softest of Brexits, and that there must be some way to stop Brexit. This has been happening ever since the country voted to leave. 

May has finally lost patience with Westminster. Parliament had the chance to stand as one over Brexit, but many MPs thought it best to snipe at the government for the next three years demanding concession after concession. Now they’re terrified of losing their seats. 

Many lefties have moaned about the coronation of May as Conservative party leader and therefore PM, and now she’s giving them the chance to get rid of her. What are they afraid of? They’ve been given their chance. It’s now up to them to accept the challenge and get her out. 

Only, they don’t want that opportunity. Many Labour MPs know they’re going to lose their seats, particularly in areas that voted to leave the EU while they themselves supported remain. Even now, there’s Labour MPs that refuse to accept the referendum result and would happily cancel it. Step forward, Owen Smith. 

This election is going to be a defining moment in Britain’s history. We could witness the total destruction of the Labour party this year. Thoroughly deserved of course. This party ignores the very reason for its foundation. It ignores the very people it’s supposed to represent. If it gets slaughtered on the 8th of June it only has itself to blame. 

And I for one will be glad to see it take a hammering. I’m fed up of its moaning and whining about Brexit. I’m sick of listening to Labour MPs go on about how I didn’t know what I was voting for. I’ve had enough of them telling me I’m a knuckle dragging racist and xenophobe. And I’m angry they think I’m a thick as two planks because I had the audacity to vote against their EU superstate ideals. 

Goodbye Labour. It wasn’t nice knowing you.