Farron gone 

Little Timmy Farron has decided to pack in the job of Lib Dems party leader. He says it would be impossible for him to continue as leader and remain faithful to Jesus Christ. 

Can’t say I’m surprised. He grappled with supporting things he wasn’t too keen on, like gay sex and marriage. 

I’m glad he’s gone because he’s one of the biggest remoaners out there, and his leadership during the last election was abysmal. The only thing he banged on about was Brexit. 

Bye Timmy. 

An immigration idea for the Tories 

Here’s a little idea the Tories may wish to use in the forthcoming general election. The Green Party, co-led by Brighton MP Caroline Lucas, wants to open the doors to allow more immigrants into Britain. Would it not be a good idea to move the immigration centre from Croydon to Brighton, and let her deal with it? The people of Brighton should be ok with it. After all, they’re the ones voting for her and her ideas. 

Then there’s Tim Farron and his idea of bringing 50,000 refugees from Syria to Britain. How about putting every person who is granted refugee status into Farron’s constituency of Westmorland and Lonsdale? Again, voters there are the ones supporting him and his ideas. 

Lucas and Farron can have no cause for complaint. They support mass immigration and should therefore take responsibility. Their constituents should have no cause for complaint either. They’re electing these people knowing full well what they stand for. 

Let’s see how keen these two idiots are when they have to take responsibility for their ideas. 

Farron wants to invite 50,000 people from Syria 

The Lib Dems have decided that it would be a good idea to bring 50,000 Syrian refugees to Britain at a cost of £4.3bn. 

Where is he going to find the money? Where is he going to house them in the midst of a massive housing crisis? Where are these people going to work? He wants EU free movement to continue. Where are the jobs coming from?

This is typical woolly-headed thinking from Farron’s lot yet again. Waste of good oxygen. 

Last chance saloon for Farron 

Tim Farron is positioning the Lib Dems as the only party that can oppose Brexit and keep Britain in the EU. All well and good Timmy but what if you fail to beat the Tories? Will you stop whingeing and resign for your failures?

Another remainiac lie bites the dust 

Remember when the remainiac campaign told us we will be safer and stronger in the EU? Well, this lie has been well and truly put to bed with the atrocities currently being carried out in the EU. 

There may have been lies told on both sides, but none as shameful and as dangerous as this one. The very safety of British people are at risk with the open borders policy so beloved of the likes of Tim Farron and Nicola Sturgeon. 

We now need to focus on keeping our country and citizens safe and stop listening to the right-on liberal do-gooders. 

Tim Farron wants to rename the Lib Dems


Tim Farron, the favourite to take over the leadership of the Liberal Democrats, is considering a name change to the Liberal Party. One source said: “The Liberal party has a long history and it is important to capitalise on that. We are the party of Gladstone, Lloyd George and Beveridge and we should be proud of that.”

It seems Mr Farron has forgotten that the Liberal Party still exists.

So much for understanding history.